April 3, 2008

Alina’s Blog

Posted in Real Estate at 12:23 am by AlinasHomes

WOW! The Real Estate Market has certainly seen some major changes over the past few years! These changes are particularly evident in the questions my clients have been asking…

Just a few years back, my phone and email were penetrated with questions from clients, such as: “If I write a contract on this pre-construction home, do you think you can find a buyer for 12% more before I actually close on it?”  OR “Will I be able to quickly flip this multi-family building after rehabbing it?” OR “Do you think my home will be worth 10% more this time next year?”

Today, clients have been asking questions representative of a completely different market: “Why is it that I can suddenly afford to buy more house for the same price this year than I was able to just one year ago?” OR “Why is it taking over a hundred market days to sell in my subdivision when homes used to get contracts in less than 2 weeks here?” OR the most sensitive of all… ”Will we be able to sell our home before we loose it to foreclosure?”

With such changes affecting our Real Estate Marketplace, I felt it became NECESSARY to offer both my real estate sellers and buyers UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE ways of buying and selling that will save or earn you money while providing you with superior services.

For more on this topic, visit: www.AlinasHomes.com and make a link back to my site.


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