June 16, 2012

Hot Buyers Market in Northern IL- Get ahead of the game now!

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Summer 2012- Let’s face it, after a long stand still, the Real Estate market across Northern IL is now not just moving; but is flying at rapid speeds! With first time buyers and investor buyers leading the motion. Multiple offers on all types of purchases: bank sales, short sales and traditional sales are keeping Realtors® busy… sometimes out of breath.

So the new Summer 2012 challenge become evident…. As a buyer in the marketplace today, weather new, experienced, or investor – How do you ensure that you get ahead of the game?

First, let’s clearly dissect what getting ahead of the game means to you:

  1. Getting to view the property before other buyers
  2. Getting all the information you need to make a decision on the property immediately
  3. Getting an offer in before other buyers
  4. Getting the best offer in before other buyers.

If this sounds like a bit of a challenge, it is. And many buyers just don’t seem to be getting ahead of the game these days. The best properties are the first to go. By best, I mean the nicest looking homes with the best price-tags.

So how do you beat the system and how do you ensure that you are set up to move in the right direction from the very start?

Begin by finding an agent / broker who is positioned to meet these needs. At AlinasHomes Team for Remax United (servicing all Northern IL from Lincolnwood to Northbrook – from Highland Park to Schaumburg) we worked fast to set up just the right team to meet these needs for all our buyers.

Your home search begins with the most accurate and precise settings set up by your Realtor® who will notify you of all the new homes and price changes immediately as they hit the market.

Your Realtor® should be able to get you to your favorite showings quickly, should be set up to respond to your questions in reasonable time, should have all necessary property research on the homes you like done for you fast, and should help you make the best offer based on all information gathered quick based on  current market conditions, and the agents / brokers experience.

I really hope that  this article is a good starting point for IL buyers to identify what their home buying needs are. Feel free to email me your direct questions directly to: Alina@AlinasHomes.com and have a beautiful Real Estate Day in Northern IL!



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